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Insert Molding

Insert Molding Streamlines Plastics Production

Add Almost Any Fastener During the Injection Molding Process

Using insert molding, metal parts such as inserts, clips, and terminals, are molded directly into your plastic part. You can avoid expensive secondary operations and get better, more consistent results. Insert molding gives added strength and increased visual characteristics to the finished product.

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insert mold

Insert molding is a kind of molding process in which the pre-prepared inserts of different materials are put into the mold, then the resin is injected, and the molten materials are bonded with the inserts to form an integrated product.

In general, insert molding or overmolding requires that parts made of metal or other suitable materials (called inserts) be accurately placed in the mold, the mold is closed, and then plastic is injected into or around the insert. A typical application is an electrical connector that combines a machined metal pin or socket into a molded plastic housing. Most insert molded parts utilize metal parts, including handles, threaded inserts, or electrical contacts.

Some of the key benefits of using inserts on molded parts include:

  • Improved strength
  • A strong and reliable attachment point for assemblies (Inserts)
  • More cost effective when compared to other inserting processes
  • No significant mold changes required

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