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Products and Services

H&L Advantage provides Far More Than Plastic Injection Molding Alone Can Achieve

The plastic products manufacturing process begins with design and tooling, perhaps a prototype, and requires an understanding of materials and assembly. Whether you need one of these services or all of them, that is your H&L Advantage.

H&L Advantage’s custom injection molding capabilities include the following:

Gas Assist Plastic Injection Molding

Gas Assist Molding

Gas assist plastic molding allows for the creation of one or more hollow channels in a plastic part during the injection molding process. If you think this might be right for your manufacturing needs, please feel free to ask us about it. Although, if your needs would be best served by gas assist molding, we would be advising you of that anyway.

Product Development

Product Development

Go from a napkin sketch to a completed, delivered plastic part or product without hassles. We can handle every phase of your project whether simple or complex. We take your ideas and make them work. We will get you past the hurdles by providing experienced design, engineering assistance, tooling design and manufacturing, everything.

Sonic Welding

Quick & Clean Bonding of Plastic Parts. Sonic welding allows us join two or more plastic parts together when they are of the same material. Sonic welding uses sound wave energy to fuse the plastic together. This means you can avoid the expense, the mess, and the curing times associated with adhesives. Sonic welding is quick, clean, and cost effective.

Shuttle Molding

Shuttle Molding

Make Multiple Parts in One Plastic Molding Cycle.H&L Advantage uses vertical molding presses which provide you with more capacity in an insert molding die. Shuttle molding saves you the expense of a large die and provides more flexibility when it can be used.

Insert Mold

Insert Molding

Using insert molding, metal parts such as inserts, clips, and terminals, are molded directly into your plastic part. You can avoid expensive secondary operations and get better, more consistent results. Insert molding gives added strength and increased visual characteristics to the finished product.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding can mean a lot of things, at H&L, it means you have a Michigan-based plastic products manufacturer who understands your needs. Utilizing advanced plastics technology, lean manufacturing, and adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards, provide you with exceptional quality at a fair price.

Insert Molding

Assembly & Finished Goods

Whether you need simple operations such as packing a couple of components together or complex, finished, assembled products, H&L can supply the solution you need. We can handle the entire project, from manufacturing the parts or products to procuring any hardware components and supplying your finished product packaged to your specifications.

H&L Advantage is very experienced in molding a variety of materials, including:

ABS Plastic HDPE Polyethylene
Acetals Nylon Polypropylene
Filled Polymers PPO (Noryl) TPO
Flexible PVC Polycarbonate TPR

Colors can be blended and matched on-site using MacBeth color equipment to assure parts meet the correct color requirements.


Standard or Custom Insert Molded Levelers

    1. Top-quality insert-molded construction
    2. Cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, and numerous plating options are available
    3. Many standard thread configurations, or customized to your exact specifications
    4. Be sure to check out our Standard Insert Molded Levelers spec sheet and print a copy for easy reference
Insert Mold