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More Than Plastics Manufacturing

Providing Resources and Information To Empower You

Just as the services we provide are designed to simplify your plastic product manufacturing needs, the resources we provide here are intended to simplify your need for relevant information. The expression, “Knowledge is power,” certainly is true. The information presented here has been carefully chosen so it will be useful when you need plastic products manufacturing.

Resources for Lean Manufacturing

Perhaps you’ve heard this term or variations such as just-in-time production that mean the same thing. There is still significant confusion as to what lean manufacturing is and how it can be implemented, what the benefits are, and how manufacturers of all sizes can compete in a global market. The resources here will help you take advantage of lean manufacturing principles.


Resources for Understanding Plastics

Plastics offer so much more than just cost savings. Maybe you are an inventor trying to decide if your idea would be better in plastic or another material. Maybe you’re wondering if you could be further benefiting from the advances in plastics technologies. The resources here are presented in a nontechnical way so you can understand plastics well enough to make informed decisions.


Resources for Small Business

Most businesses are classified as small, and H&L Advantage is no exception. We are a small business serving businesses of all sizes. Large corporations already have the advantages gained through information. The resources here will help small businesses take advantage of their strength as a small business.