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Grandville, Michigan

Insert Molding Streamlines Plastics Production Add Almost Any Fastener During the Injection Molding Process


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Shuttle Molding For More Advantages Make Multiple Parts in One Plastic Molding Cycle


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Forward Thinking Plastic Injection Molding Using Plastics Advances to Your Advantage


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Gas Assist Plastic Injection Molding An Ideal Solution for Hollow Plastic Parts


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H&L ADVANTAGE  – Custom Plastic Injection Molding & Assembly

Product Development


Product development and tooling are among the leading advantages that set H&L apart. Even your napkin sketch can be transformed into a finished product through our engineering team. We can walk you through the entire process whether simple or complex. We have all the resources to help make your ideas become reality.


Lean and green manufacturing principles are our production model. Our 64,000 square foot production facility houses injection molding machinery ranging between 55 and 950 tons. In addition to the more traditional injection molding, our capabilities include insert, shuttle, and gas assist molding.



Our assembly capabilities include, but are not limited to: sonic welding, heat staking, press fitting, riveting, hand kitting and automated assembly systems. We can procure any required components and provide packaging to your specifications. Call, email, or use the contact form on this web site to discuss your project and/or to get more specific information.

Leap Chair

Grandville, Michigan

We are located in West Michigan in the Grand Rapids metro area. We serve multiple industries, including, but not limited to, office furniture, transportation, and RV.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System

Our Quality Management System is certified to the latest ISO 9001 standard, giving you confidence that we have the processes in place to manage your quality requirements.

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Product Development

Our knowledgeable team can help you go from a simple sketch to completed part. We have the resources to assist you from design all the way through to manufacturing.



Plastic Injection Molding

With presses ranging in size from 55 ton up to 950 ton we can make parts small and large. Our experienced team can ensure that you receive quality parts at an affordable price.


Insert Molding

Using insert molding, metal parts such as inserts, clips, and terminals, are molded directly into your plastic part. You can avoid expensive secondary operations and get better results. Insert molding gives added strength and increased visual characteristics to the finished product.

Shuttle Molding

Shuttle molding saves you the expense of a large die and provides more flexibility when it can be used. This molding machine provides efficenty by using multiple die halves, allowing for you to load inserts as you mold parts in the other half. 

Gas Assist Molding

Gas assist plastic molding allows for the creation of one or more hollow channels in a plastic part during the injection molding process. Some of the benefits to this are less plastic is required, part weight is reduced, increased part strength, and improved visual appearance.

Sonic Welding

Our ability to use sonic welding allows us join two or more plastic parts together when they are of the same material. Sonic welding uses sound wave energy to fuse the plastic parts together. This means you can avoid the expense, the mess, and the curing times associated with adhesives. Sonic welding is quick, clean, and cost effective.

About H&L Advantage

The real focus is about what that journey has done to make H&L an asset to your company when you need plastic products manufactured.
H&L Advantage began in 1970 with only 3 people and a small office. We served as a sales, design, and engineering firm for manufacturers, to bridge a gap that existed at the time between manufacturers and the customers who wanted and needed their products.