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Gas Assist Molding

Gas Assist Molding

An Ideal Solution for Hollow Plastic Parts

Quite simply, gas assist plastic molding allows for the creation of one or more hollow channels in a plastic part during the injection molding process. If you think this might be right for your manufacturing needs, please feel free to ask us about it. Although, if your needs would be best served by gas assist molding, we would be advising you of that anyway.

Gas Assist Plastic Injection Molding

Gas Assist Molding Process

Gas assist molding is a low-pressure plastic injection molding process where pressurized nitrogen gas is injected into the mold, pushing the plastic into the mold extremities, while hollowing out thicker sections in the part.

In the gas-assist molding process, the plastic material is melted and injected into the mold cavities via the conventional plastic injection molding process. Plastic material in contact with the mold walls begins to solidify first. As this happens, nitrogen gas is injected into the mold through strategically designed and placed gas channels, providing the pressure that pushes the plastic material into the mold’s extremities. Once the plastic cures, the nitrogen is vented and the gas-assist injection molded plastic parts are removed from the mold.

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