General Information on Plastic Injection Molding and Plastic Products

Going Beyond Just the Technical Advantages

H&L Advantage is a plastic injection molding manufacturer in Grandville, MI. We bring a plastic product concept idea into a finished product, all from a single source; from plastic product design and plastic product tooling, to plastic product manufacturing and assembly, printing, and packaging. Services include custom plastic injection molding, custom plastic product design, engineering, tool building, tooling, product development, assembly, lean manufacturing, ISO control standards, shuttle molding, make multiple parts in one plastic molding cycle adding studs or clips in the mold. The H&L Advantage plastic injection molding company is experienced in working with ABS plastic, TPR plastic, PPO plastic, noryl plastic, TPO plastic, PVC plastic, polyethylene plastic, filled polymers, acetal plastic, polypropylene plastic, nylon, HDPE plastic, polycarbonate plastic, insert molded levelers, cold rolled steel, customized control knobs, steel based glide, hot stamping, and pad printing. H&L Advantage is ISO 9001 certified in Grandville (Grand Rapids), Michigan USA.

H&L Advantage has the ISO Certified resources to meet your needs and schedule. We offer you the benefit of being located in west Michigan where the history of manufacturing is a proud and highly skilled heritage, and the work ethic is strong.

Design technology, plastic products manufacturing, and efficient work cell assembly; the start to finish solution in plastic injection molding services.

A few of the technical advantages and benefits we offer:


Plastic Injection Molding Products and Services

Far More Than Plastic Injection Molding Alone Can Achieve

You will receive the benefits of our plastics production expertise whether you come to us with detailed product design specifications, or with something as simple as an idea you quickly sketched using whatever paper you could find at the time. The plastic products manufacturing process begins with design and tooling, perhaps a prototype, and requires an understanding of materials and assembly. Whether you need one of these services or all of them, that is your H&L Advantage.

H&L Advantage's custom injection molding capabilities include the following:

  1. Insert molding - add threaded, tapped, and other types of fasteners during the molding cycle, in our vertical "shuttle" molding presses.

  2. Shuttle molding - make multiple parts in one molding cycle adding studs, clips, or inserts directly in the mold.

  3. Gas assist molding - the ability to create hollow parts.

  4. Standard horizontal presses - optimize quality products while providing cost control to maintain our "lean manufacturing" commitment.

Using shuttle molding, stack molding, insert molding, and horizontal plastic injection molding, we can provide manufacture and assembly of any plastic product. Multiple resin durometers are available as over-molded products too, creating a "soft touch" sensation while maintaining a rigid connection capability. ISO procedures guarantee consistent results in the manufacturing process.

Multi-piece products can be produced and assembled at a single location giving you the benefit of having a finished, ready-to-use product with minimal freight costs.

H&L Advantage can integrate nearly any material into the plastic products manufacturing process. With available metal finishing, expertise in plastics, hot stamping, pad printing, fasteners, assembly, sonic welding, and packaging, H&L can provide you with the "Advantage" of having the entire project completed at one location.

H&L Advantage is very experienced in molding a variety of materials, including:



Filled Polymers



Flexible PVC



PPO (Noryl)




Colors can be blended and matched on site using MacBeth color equipment to assure parts meet correct color requirements.


Standard or Custom Insert Molded Levelers

  1. Click to get our Standard Insert Molded Levelers page in PDF Top quality insert molded construction.

  2. Cold rolled steel, stainless steel, and numerous plating options available.

  3. Many standard thread configurations, or customized to your exact specifications.

  4. Be sure to check out our Standard Insert Molded Levelers and print a copy for easy reference.

    PLEASE NOTE: These are "standard" items and produced to order, but in keeping with lean manufacturing standards, they are not a "stock" item. Please allow for production time when ordering.


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